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PressArea allows you to manage all of the functions of a busy press office at the touch of a button from your own website. It is integrated into your existing brand's look and feel, so that the media think the press area is part of your site. In fact, the service is completely managed and hosted by PressArea, so you can be up and running in a matter of days with no programming or IT resources needed.

Upload and manage the product image archive,  upload and manage press releases, integrate your social media and optimise your SEO link tracking, we give you all the tools you need to maintain and manage press materials and PR campaigns, and ensure that press can find the material and information they need to research and produce their features using your brand 24/7.

Set up is quick and simple - You decide which services you need -  press releases, a high-resolution image library and download facility, product lookbook ad, or catalogue upload , fashion show /tv campaign video and  then chose access levels and the types of media you want to have access. 

We then work with you to ensure the look and feel of your press area sits comfortably with the rest of your site  and give you a URL link. You then add a Press Area text link or button to your site and you're ready to go.


Why do I need a PressArea?

The difference between the media covering your business, or not, is often down to the availability of the right background materials, at the right time. Many media organisations are employing freelancers writers, who are often working on multiple titles and won't necessarily be working during regular business hours. Ensuring that all your press materials - releases, images, videos, lookbooks, product information, factsheets and media alerts are all available 24/7 for access by the media greatly increases the chances that your news will get picked up. As you add media content, your press area becomes a valuable source of content which is tracked by Google and improves your SEO rankings. When the press search for your company, you'd like your search results from your own press area to come up close to the top of the search rankings.


I have a large PR team and want to maintain personal links with the press. Why do I need PressArea?

We've been running press centres for over 15 years. Over time, and across many different brands we've calculated that over 70% of the incoming press office requests are for images, product and pricing info, or to access information contained in press releases. Once PressArea performs the heavy lifting - supplying the press with images, product and pricing data automatically, your team can be freed up to add much more value, creating relationships and new PR initiatives. 

Can we track press activity in the Press Area?

You have the ability to track all activity and traffic on your PressArea, be it press release mail outs arranged by you, image and/or lookbook downloads, High-resolution Images picked up by the press via download reporting, and SEO link tracking . If you choose to integrate  your existing social media strategy, you also have the ability to track activity across all channels. PressArea also has a deadline tracker - allowing you to see at a glance all of the incoming press requests by deadline, so you can see instantly which urgent press requests need to be responded to.


How quickly can I get started?


PressArea is a Software as a Service (SaaS) service that has been built and tested with hundreds of clients worldwide. Once we integrate your unique company design, you can be up and running very quickly. The software is set out in simple and easy to follow steps, and is very visual and intuitive. We have a "help" / "support" call to action, enabling you to get further assistance if need be.

We also offer full training for the people that will be managing the site and there's a reference manual to help you with day to day questions and answers  too.


Who gets access to it?


You control who has access to any of the pages in the press area - there is complete control giving you complete flexibility.


Can we make parts of it private?


Yes, you can choose to make some pages, or even entire sections totally private so they're not even visible to non-approved or unauthorised press visitors.


Can you  Manage a  mailshot using Press Area tools?


Yes, you can upload an existing press release or create your own in the Press Release Editor section. You  can also add images to your release as well as text. The mailshot can be programmed to be published at a  precise time and date  if you prefer or released immediately if that is more convenient to you, the choice is yours.

It is possible to integrate  proprietary leading media directory  services such as  Gorkana to make sure your contacts are always up-to-date and  giving you access to customised media intelligence, be it from an existing mailing list you have created within Gorkana, or by using the service to create a specific mailing list to suit your needs at the time.


Does it integrate with social media?


Yes, PressArea can  easily be integrated with any or all of your social media channels.


Can you display streaming video?


Yes, we support video as well as images.


Can you manage sample loans to the press?


Yes. Using our Sample Management system, you have the ability to integrate your sample collection(s) into PressArea. You can use it solely as a stock control system or as a fully trackable service, allowing you to identify stock, book out and send samples, create dockets and track the returns.