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What is the support on PressArea?

PressArea is supported 24/7

How Does PressArea work? Do I need my IT people to integrate it?

PressArea works as a standalone Software as a Service (SaaS) application so it needs no integration with your existing infrastructure. All we need is your corporate style guide so we can ensure your press area is designed to the same look and feel as your website.

What does it do?

It makes all of the press information you want made available to either the public, press or investors accessible in one place.

What can we track on it?

You have the ability to track all activity and traffic on your PressArea, be it press release mail outs, images and lookbooks, download reporting, SEO link tracking. If you choose to integrate with your social media strategy, you also have the ability to track the activity across these channels.

How easy is it to use?

PressArea has been designed with you in mind and is set out in simple and easy to follow steps, which lead you through the stages of each function. We have a "help" / "support" call to action, enabling you further assistance if need be. We also offer training sessions for users who will be managing the site and leave you with easy to reference user manuals.

How Much does it cost?

Packages start from £1,000 per month.

Who gets access to it?

You can control who has access to any of the pages in the press area so you have complete flexibility.

Does it integrate with social media?

Yes, PressArea can be integrated with any or all of your social media channels.

Can you manage samples?

Yes. Using our Sample Management system, you have the ability to integrate your sample collection/s into PressArea. You can simply use it solely as a stock control system or as a fully trackable service, allowing you to identify stock, book out and send samples, create dockets and track for return.


What is Press Area?

PressArea enables you to manage all the functions of a busy press office at the touch of a button from your own website. From image archives, to press releases, social media integration and SEO link tracking, we give you all the tools you need to maintain and manage your press materials and PR campaigns and ensure that the press can find the resources they need to write their features at any time. You simply decide which services you need - press releases, image library, product lookbook, or catalogue, fashion show /TV campaign video and the type of media that you'd like to reach. We ensure the look and feel of your press area is integrated into your existing website, so the press thinks it's your own website.

How do we control who has access to the Press area?

Your Press Area is entirely configurable so that specific news pages, or even entire sections are totally private so they don't even appear to non-approved press users.

What size do my images have to be?

PressArea sets no minimum size. However, for print press we recommend a standard of A5 at 300dpi. For a RGB image this means a 12.4 Mb image size. Please note this is NOT the same as file size (See next question below)

What is the difference between image size and file size?

The Image Size gives you an indication of the actual print size. The File Size is not a useful measurement as it is influenced by the type of compression used on the image.

How can I find out my image size?

Try opening the file in a program such as Photoshop. The image size will be displayed at the bottom left of the image. If your images are too small we put them on hold so they are not displayed live while we try to fix the problem. By clicking on the Archive Manager > Image Upload Status > you can see the exact status of your images and the image size. If the image is on hold it will be marked Pending. We typically process pending images the same day.

What type of Images can I upload?

You can upload Jpegs and Tiffs, preferably RGB, directly to PressArea. If you have other formats just give us a call on 0845 226 0435. We can nearly always accommodate.


Who is PressArea?

The team at PressArea have been building media centres and PR tools for over 18 years. We have an integrated team of former journalists, PRs and technologists who have worked together to build a comprehensive suite of PR services.